Farmtrenz is a division of Electronic Specialists that designs and manufactures electronic farm monitoring systems. Our key effluent control products give farmers peace of mind their effluent is going to land and not to waterways. We also make a range of other farm-related products. Click on the categories below to find out more.


TIM ™ stands for travelling irrigator monitor. Our marquee fail-safe product monitors pressure and speed in the paddock. TIM mounts to all irrigators including Cobra, Torpedo, Briggs, Plucks, Williams, Ecostream, Numedic, Irri-Max, Spitfire, Weta.

KIM ™ stands for K-line irrigator monitor. Designed for pods or mini rainguns, KIM monitors pressure in the paddock and stops the pump when a blockage or leakage is detected. Mounted on a tread-in standard.

PIM stands for pivot irrigator monitor. Designed for large farms using centre pivot water irrigators with underslung effluent lines, PIM monitors effluent pressure through droppers or rainguns. Mounts to wheel frame.

Hub, as its name implies, is the central brain or controller for all Farmtrenz systems. Wall-mounted in the cowshed or central office, the Hub receives signals from all connected field devices and monitors their performance. It can also connect to a computer.

PondLink controls all connected pumps and links remotely to the Hub. Located at the pump shed, it protects pumps from over-pressure and running dry, including loss of prime. The D-PondLink model displays status information.

Measures the level of water in a tank or tanks. It can also measure water flow rate from bore to tank or trough when connected to a magnetic or mechanical flow meter.

Controls and monitors the filling of hilltop water tanks. Automatically turns on the pump when the tank level is low and turns it off when the level reaches the high setpoint. No more worrying if stock run out of water.

Measures soil moisture, soil temperature, rainfall, air temperature, wind direction, wind speed and humidity. Includes solar panel and battery. Best used in conjunction with Farmtrenz software for graphical display and analysis.

Measures volts on a remote electric fence line. Adjustable low V setpoint. Know when there’s a fence outage and avoid a potential stock break-out.

In development. Low cost pulse unit ideal for monitoring portable break fences controlling grazing stock

Monitors milk temperature and multiple cooler, vat wash and tap sensors. Meets new MPI milk regulations. Receive text alerts through optional Text Unit if something’s wrong.

Sends text alerts to your cellphone relayed from our Hub controller when it senses something wrong from connected Farmtrenz field devices.

Know what’s happening on your farm – anywhere, anytime! Text your milk vat to get its current temperature or your water tank to get its current level. [CHK]

Add a GPS transmitter to your TIM-, KIM- or PIM-equipped effluent irrigator to track runs for application mapping using your digital farm map.

See and record what’s happening on your farm from connected field devices through our graphical software on a Windows computer. It will also log the data for council compliance purposes.

A House Receiver receives signals from various Farmtrenz field devices on your farm and records and stores data on your home computer via our GUI software.

A Repeater boosts signal range when a hill or other large physical barrier blocks signals relayed back to the Hub from Farmtrenz field devices.

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