People counter for single or multi-door use, featuring hours, day, week, month and year totals. Cable or wireless options available. Easy to use and affordable.

In business today it is vital that decisions are based on informative data to increase efficiency and therefore maximise profit. The Footprint RCU4 People Counter is specially designed to provide you with an easy-to-use tool that provides data in the form of people counts on an hourly bases to help you increase your profits. Due to the its impressive performance at a realistic price, coupled with outstanding reliability and ease of use, the Footprint People Counter is becoming the choice of modern business organisations throughout the world.

People count data is vital to enable you to monitor critical aspects of your customer movements. An increasing number of retail companies rely on the use of people counting technology to provide information about the traffic flow throughout their stores. When the data is matched against actual sales made, you can accurately track your sales conversion rates. The difference between these two figures is how many sales you are missing out on. If you can increase your conversion rate then you will increase your profit

The Footprint RCU4 People Counter, proven worldwide, will supply you with count data easily and reliably. Utilising the latest in microprocessor technology, it can monitor up to four separate doors simultaneously and provide you with Hour, Day, Week, Month and Year count totals. You can have separate counts for each door and a combined count when used for multi door sites. You can use a combination of two or more RCU4 People Counter units to monitor any number of doors. The RCU4 People Counter unit operates completely independent of your computer. Because count data is accumulated and stored within the RCU4 for up to one week, there is no loss of data should your computer malfunction.

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