About Us

Electronic Specialists has a proud history of designing and manufacturing telemetry and SCADA automation systems for specific uses in the agricultural, industrial and retail sectors.

Established in 1985, we have extensive experience in Serial Data Communication systems and have a range of sophisticated Monitoring, Remote Control, Data Logging and Text Alert products utilising this technology

We’ve incorporated the latest advancements in UHF telemetry and GSM networking to give you control of important processes in your business, be it on the farm, at the factory or in the shop.

Farmtrenz is a new division of Electronic Specialists dedicated to the design, manufacturing and servicing of electronic farm monitoring systems for effluent, weather stations, water bores, tanks and electric fences. These include our popular TIM and KIM effluent fail-safe field devices, a leader in the market for more than 10 years.

Footprint RCU4 is our door-based people counter system, with hundreds in operation in shops, museums, pool complexes and other public places across New Zealand and around the world. Proven over 20+ years, information gained through Footprint helps you maximize sales conversion rates and gain efficiencies in staff roster planning.

Rest assured, we service what we sell. We may also have authorized installers available near you.

We’re always inventing new products to make your working life easier, so if you’ve got a need in your business that electronics might meet, give us a call today.